Who is REALLY Gay Here???

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THERE IS A RUMOR GOING AROUND THAT TINKY WINKY IS PLAYING HIDE THE SALAMI IN HIS POSH GREEN FANTASYLAND!!!! I would just like to know when old men are going to stop watching toddler's TV shows!    Old Jerry comes along (with a notable lapse in time since his last warning to the American public about the morality of media.)  Boy he is digging deep this time.   Since "People Vs. Larry Flynt" came out it seems people just want to leave nice old pornographers alone.  Well, gee, that leaves a pathway to find a new target.  Everyone knows our president is a big pervert so that would be a lost cause and not very shocking to come out against him (Its a given).  If we look at Children's Television over the years and if you use a PERVERTED mind to watch them you can see "gay" in all of it. 

Bert & Ernie - GAY!  Living together and Ernie is definitely the "WOMAN" if you know what I mean.
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood - Self explanatory
Barney - HE IS PURPLE!!!  He is Gay!!!!  But, he also hangs around with children alone in a school with no adults around.  We got some pedophile activities happening here.
Blues Clue's - Steve is supposedly a crack addict and he seems a little light in his loafers too.  Someone might want to look into what he does with his female puppy best friend too!

I really think that a person who can sit down and watch something like the teletubbies and find that one of them has a sexual preference has to be a little PERVERTED themselves.   *I* don't keep up on the symbols of the world's gay population.  I don't find that I need to.  I guess Mr. Falwell is very interested in the gay community. 

Why he says Tinky Winky is gay -
1. He is purple (The other 3 are red, yellow, and green - all bright fun children's colors) It also happens to be an international gay color even though I thought the international colors for the gay community was pink, Lesbian is black, and bisexual is blue/gray.
2. He has a triangle on his head (The others have a twisty, circle, and straight) and happens to be a symbol for the gay community which is also a new one to me.  (oh, and by the way Dipsy who is the only other male teletubby has a straight antenna, which I assume means he is STRAIGHT.  So even if Tinky Winky is gay...Id like to know who he is screwing)
3. Oh and TinkyWinky carries a "purse" which is a SURE SIGN he is gay.   Even though throughout Europe many STRAIGHT men carry purses and Teletubbies is a European show.  But I guess Mr. Falwell has never found the time to leave this great immoral country of ours to expand his views of society around the world.  Maybe its time we leave our patriotic shell and explore the world around us.  Also, Tinky Winky refers to his "purse" as a BAG and likes to put things into his bag.  Since the Teletubbies are supposed to be technological BABIES and BABIES like to carry bags around and put things in them (be it a boy or a girl baby). I'm sure Mr. Falwell is correct and this is a sure sign that he (TinkyWinky not Jerry) is gay.

Nothing in that show even REMOTELY hints to the sexual orientation of the characters.  Even if TinkyWinky has become a symbol of the gay community it is not the shows fault and does NOT mean that Tinky Winky is gay. If that was true then Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland are lesbians!!! It is high time that Jerry Falwell find something else to warn us of.  How about warning us of money hungry television evangelists who seek desperately to find things to complain about so they look like they are actually DOING something to earn all that money their faithful and mislead supporters send them.

The Parents -
Any parent who would not use their OWN MIND to watch the show and see that it is just fine but would take the word of a dirty old man doesn't deserve to receive the benefits of the show anyway.  I do however feel sorry for the children who will not receive the benefit.  It is a great show for young children and if the parents want to keep their children from watching it for this reason then I hope their kids turn out to be gay anyway and then they can scratch their heads and wonder "Why?".


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